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This is NOT stupid “photos for other photographers to be critisized” or  “The best of my photos after hours of Photoshopping”.
This is a gallery of  my live (mis)shots in dogma style about those moments we have lost forever.

Jarmo “Latvis” Latva-Äijö


From 1984 to 1990 my only camera was cheap plastic point-and-shoot pocket camera sponsored by Kauhajoen Kunnallislehti. Canon Snappy 20 had fixed focus and that was good because my left eye is almost blind.

Sometimes I was suprised to find out that I had succeeded better than those pros with heavy & expensive equipments. Since 1990 I have shot B/W with Canon EOS 10 and some vintage cameras.


Just couple of times I spied my friend Esa in dark room at Räimis and then started to develop both films and photographic paper the hard way by myself.

Watching pictures develop gradually in the trays was pure magic but I didn't want to waste my life in the dark so I was quick and sloppy although films and papers were very expensive. Later I had a little dark room in my toilet with Meopta Opemus enlarger. I was running on those acid fumes.

With some luck

In my youth (it still continues) the first interest to go to the gigs was to have fun, hear some good music, get drunk and hopefully get laid.

To get to the first row and shoot good photos was secondary. Luckily I sometimes was in a right place at right time carried a camera so you can enjoy from those gigs too.

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